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Event: Telensa Smart City Forums

Sarah-Jane Allen on 15 November 2019
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Over the past couple of months Telensa has been hosting Smart City Forums, inviting local authorities and others in the smart lighting industry to discuss the evolution and future of smart cities. It’s been a pleasure to see new and familiar faces and we’re thankful to all those that contributed and participated. Below is a recap of the forum held at Sony’s UK Tech Centre in Pencoed, Wales, where all Telensa products are made:



Telensa’s own David Orchard discussed new developments in smart city technology from TALQ to DALI and emerging networks. Touching on how lighting standards are evolving to foster open technologies, so cities can tailor inter-operable solutions to meet their needs.
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Richard Webster, Street Lighting Manager, Suffolk County Council shared his experience adopting street lighting innovation. Highlighting how his connected street lighting infrastructure created the foundation for their most recent EU funded project that enables traffic adaptive lighting and further analysis of air quality.
SONY tour

The team at the Sony UK Tech Centre took us on a tour of the factory to see how telecells and basestations are manufactured. Telecells like many other products made at Sony are assembled in a pod, so a machine prepares all the parts needed while one person picks these to assemble the finished product. It was great to see the quality of manufacturing and we’re proud to say Telensa’s 2 millionth telecell is soon to be made!


Keith Day, Telensa’s Chief Marketing Officer spoke about harnessing the power of data. Advocating a pragmatic approach to using smart street lighting infrastructure to host and visualise sensors. Further discussing the future of urban data collection using artificial intelligence (AI) by exploring Telensa's Urban Data Project deployment in Cambridge.



"The factory tour showed the quality of assembly"Attendee

"The event broadened my knowledge and way of thinking about technological changes that are happening around us", Attendee


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