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15 February 2022

Community Service

This article was first published in the ILP's Lighting Journal. Offering CMS, or lighting control, as a managed service could be one way for local authorities to reconnect with their tenant businesses and smaller villages, as well as potentially providing valuable revenue in a challenging economic environment. 

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21 June 2021

Ahead in the cloud

Smart lighting is making a huge difference to the energy budget of local authorities. Dr Jon Lewis sets out the next set of cloud-based applications which will have an equally positive impact on city operations. This article was first published in the ILP's Lighting Journal.  

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6 May 2021

Locally responsive: a review of CMS in the past decade

This article was first published in the ILP's Lighting Journal. In the first of a two-part series about smart streetlights and CMS, David Orchard looks back over the past decade of CMS in the UK and what can be learnt from this about changing attitudes and adoption strategies by local authorities

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13 April 2021

Streetlight tariffs: the light at the end of the tunnel

With suitable utility tariffs those organisations doing the right thing by adopting greener streetlight technologies would be rewarded with lower energy bills.

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27 October 2020

Where have we got to in the Smart City maturity model?

We have all got a view of what the smart city of the future looks like, with integrated multi-modal transport, predictive intervention to issues before they occur and happy citizens satisfied with the way their local authorities use their taxes.

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27 May 2020

3 different approaches to metering streetlight energy consumption

Smart streetlights create numerous benefits: enabling users to audit progress in their switch to LED lighting, reduce energy usage, reduce carbon footprint, remotely diagnose faults, better maintenance efficiency and many more. The initial up-front cost of smart street lighting requires a rapid return-on-investment (ROI) to justify the capital expense. The good news is, smart streetlight ROI is fast if users are able to financially benefit from the energy reduction achieved using the enhanced dimming and trimming profiles that these systems provide.

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6 May 2020

Telensa celebrates major production milestone

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17 April 2020

Infographic: Top 10 smart city influencers

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31 March 2020

Infographic: 5 ways horizontal data sharing can benefit your smart city

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28 February 2020

Ten smart city events to visit in 2020

In recent years innovation in the smart city tech landscape has enabled cities to deploy established pilots. But these pilots have stayed just that, pilots, as the cost and complexity of having numerous vertically integrated applications has hindered cash-strapped local authorities. As such, AI-driven solutions have evolved to enable data collection on a whole new level. This year's hot topic goes beyond data collection to the realms of data ownership and data trust. How can cities use data collected from smart city sensors to become more sustainable, all while retaining transparency with citizens?   Here is our list of ten events to look out for, touching on the latest in technology developments and policy-making.

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