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Is open technology the answer for smart city progression?

Sarah-Jane Allen on 18 December 2019
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We think so! That’s why we’ve launched Urban IQ.

Working with cities to deploy smart streetlights and smart city sensors for over a decade, we have found a common challenge - smart city technology is emerging rapidly, and nobody really knows what the future holds. As such, many smart city projects have been limited to pilots, as cities cannot predict the mix of sensors and networks needed to support future projects.

Should cities wait for the perfect smart city strategy so they can follow suit? With every city as different as human DNA there could be a long wait! A smart city strategy needs to adapt and grow with the city’s evolving needs and this can be achieved with open technology.

In October this year Telensa announced the launch of Urban IQ. Urban IQ gives cities the freedom to build their smart city today, safe in the knowledge it can accommodate their long-term smart city strategy. This flexibility has been achieved with three components that enable cities to choose their preferred sensor providers, use multiple networks to connect them, and to visualise all data collected in one place.

How you can benefit from Urban IQ:

  • Balance improving today’s infrastructure with planning a broader, long-lasting capability
  • Maximise the benefit of your smart streetlight infrastructure by using their perfect position and power source to deploy Urban IQ
  • Change the type and position of sensors as your strategy develops
  • Choose the combination of best-fit networks for your sensor population
  • Future-proof your data assets with the power and modularity of Microsoft Azure

Urban IQ – building the smart cities of today and laying the foundation for tomorrow’s long-term strategy. Available now - fill in the form below to register your interest for a pilot:








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